Kid Print

kidprintThe Kid Print program is offered Montgomery County Crime Stoppers.  The Coordinator and Board of Director’s will visit local businesses and fingerprint kids at no cost.

We will distribute Crime Stoppers literature, informing the public of what we do and how we help local law enforcement keep our community safe.  We will be accepting donations at each event.
If you own a local business and would like to schedule a Crime Stoppers Kid Print event, call Deputy Steven Squier at 936-539-7867.  To increase the availibilty of having Crime Stoppers attending your event please make contact with the Coordinator as soon as possible.  There are numerous organizations requesting this service and we may not be able to assist each program.

We are hoping to raise funds for our program, while giving parents quality fingerprints of their children, to be given to law enforcement, in the event the child ever goes missing.

If you would like to make a donation to the Montgomery County Crime Stoppers, please do so by clicking the button below.