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Montgomery County Crime Stoppers, Inc. is a 501(C) (3) non-profit organization made up of a civilian board of directors residing in Montgomery County. Crime Stoppers’ mission is to assist local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, operating within the Texas counties of Montgomery, Liberty, and San Jacinto, gather intelligence about local felony crimes and locate wanted felony fugitives.

We operate a 24-hour tip line, answered 365 days a year, allowing citizens who wish to remain anonymous, an opportunity to call in and leave information to assist local law enforcement agencies.

Callers remain anonymous throughout the entire process and may be eligible for cash rewards up to $1000.00. (if the information provided leads to an arrest or indictment of a felony crime). Once this information is received, it is directed to the appropriate investigating agency allowing that agency to follow through with a criminal investigation.

Montgomery County Crime Stoppers, Inc. has a proven track record, winning numerous State Crime Stoppers Awards in past years. Montgomery County Crime Stoppers, Inc. also has a partnership with the Conroe Independent School District Police, who facilitate the Campus Crime Stoppers program. The program is designed for all school ages, but is mainly directed towards children in Jr. High and High school grades. Children are provided a phone number to call to give information related to any type of crime or problems occurring on or around our local school campuses. Campus Crime Stoppers is active in the majority of the school districts in Montgomery County. Campus Crime Stoppers has been successful in clearing many drug related offenses, eliminating drugs in our schools, and has even intercepted suicide attempts, and assisted the child in receiving the help they need.

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